Some Kitchen Shopping

I love colorful plates. And I am usually on a lookout for then when I go shopping. I also love medium to large mugs for both a cup of chocolate flavored milk in breakfast or for the many cups of green tea throughout the day.

I came across the sale on Habitt the other day, and I know for sure that Habitt stocks very pretty utensils. I have previously bought mugs from there and have been satisfied. So seeing the sale on, I just jumped to the occassion and dragged my parents to their outlet.

And look at the beauties I found there.

The gray plate is IKEA. And I swoon over everything IKEA. The best thing about IKEA is that their stuff screams we are from IKEA. The sleekness, the minimalism, the light weight, I can go on and on about this brand and never tire.

The green plate is heavy, and has a very leafy texture. The green mug is actually a very light mint green, with white paint spots (which aren’t clear in the picture) and a dark brown rim. The dark brown rim gives it it a very sophisticated, very dignified look.

In other news I also found ramekins at Habitt.

Do you enjoy buying stuff for your kitchen ?


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