I have been away from my blog for long; long enough that I couldn't remember what the new post page looks like :$. But hey, I am back with a bang (read dessert). I find it hard to make Italian recipes because of their use of various kinds of cheese.Most of them aren't easily available … Continue reading Tiramisu


Rich Orange Cake

I had shared an Orange cake recipe when I started the blog some 4 years ago. It was good, but not orange enough. I don't remember making it again in the subsequent years, even though I made it quite a few times that year. This year, again, I looked for an orange cake recipe, and … Continue reading Rich Orange Cake

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

I have bought a new lens for my very basic DSLR, the 50mm/f1.8 lens and being the amateur food photographer that I am for my blog, I have fallen in love with it; which is not unusual as a I have a long list of love affairs with my gadgets (including my smartphone and my laptops). Every gadget I … Continue reading Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

Date Pudding

Hello blog, and hey my blog readers. It has been a long time since I came up with something to post. Now that I am on vacations, I plan to be a bit regular. I tried something new today, a date pudding. Dates are healthy and nutritious and putting them into a dessert makes the … Continue reading Date Pudding

7-up cake

I saw the recipe for a 7up cake a number of times while browsing recipes over the net. The recipe always intrigued me, as the liquid content in it was 7up. 7up has a very distinct tangy taste. It also is very bubbly, and I was kind of fascinated by the use of 7up in … Continue reading 7-up cake

Cherry cupcakes

Another long break, lots of happenings, lots of food experiments and I am back with cherry cupcakes. Cupcakes are complete mini cakes, with their fair share of everything, the taste, the frosting , the goodness. The following recipe for cupcakes is very adaptable. you can add any seasonal fruit you like. I used cherries. You … Continue reading Cherry cupcakes

Basbosa – Egyptian Semolina Pudding

Arabian cuisine is very exotic. Be it anything, everything is fulfilling and tasty. When it comes to desserts, arabian desserts are very rich. Basbosa is a baked dessert, made with semolina, instead of the traditional flour. The sugar content is usually very high in arabian desserts. SO is the case with basbosa. WIth a part … Continue reading Basbosa – Egyptian Semolina Pudding

Banana Bread

Did I mention I don't like summers? And that marking papers is tough enough on it's own and becomes an impossible chore in heat? Don't worry, I am not going to talk about papers and summers, because today I made banana bread, so I am ready to forget the sweltering heat and the papers for … Continue reading Banana Bread

Orange Cake

I don't really like oranges. I actually don't like any fruit with a tangy flavor. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy oranges. I like orange flavored food, orange soft drink, orange slush and orange cake :). And this orange cake comes at the request of a dear friend.   After going through a number … Continue reading Orange Cake