Roasted Chillies

No one in my home is a fan of eating raw green chillies. Me and mom sometimes do clean up one to eat with daal chawal, but that is pretty rare. We love pickles to go with vegetable dishes and daals. We are not fan of putting green chillies in food too, because as soon … Continue reading Roasted Chillies



Hello again. Back yet again after a long break. I haven't been cooking much for a while. But I have tried a couple of cake/ cookie in a mug recipes. Frankly I am not much fond of these microwaved cakes or cookies. They lack flavor. It might be a good quick fix for the sweet … Continue reading Hummus

Cucumber with yogurt

And here is the last part of the roast beef lunch. This is typically the dahi ka raita we are so used to having with our biryanis and pulaos. The only difference is that I removed some water from the yogurt and made the raita a bit thick, thus naming it yogurt cucumber sauce.For some of … Continue reading Cucumber with yogurt

Soft Cottage Cheese

I am back with another recipe, now going for a somewhat healthy option. Who says healthy and yummy don't go together?'s good for health and tasty as well. Cottage cheese is a very basic form of cheese, which can easily be made at home. The recipe I am sharing here uses dry milk powder.I … Continue reading Soft Cottage Cheese

Chocolate Peanut Butter

I had this packet of peanuts sitting in my cupboard for more than a month. I have tried making peanut butter which is very good in taste, but I could not reach that creamy consistency that is a staple of the store bought ones. So I could not bring it to myself to make peanut … Continue reading Chocolate Peanut Butter

Guava Jam

In my household, bread , butter and jam are a must at breakfast, otherwise we feel like we haven't had any breakfast. With guavas in season, guava jam is very much in order. The best part with homemade jams is the control over sweetness. If you find store bought jams too sweet for your taste, … Continue reading Guava Jam

Hyderabadi style green chilli (Hyderabadi mirchain)

Hyderabad is know for it's exotic cuisine with a blend of different spices giving a savory taste to food. Basic spices found in various Hyderabadi dishes are coconut, curry leaves, tamarind, peanuts etc.Hyderabadi style green chilli is very easy to make and taken as a condiment with lentils and rice, or if you are a … Continue reading Hyderabadi style green chilli (Hyderabadi mirchain)