Crepe Torte

Anna Olson has become one of my favorite YouTube chefs. There are quite a few recipes that are easy to make, everything required is readily available in desi market, and it does not burn a hole in the pocket. This time I tried the Chocolate Orange Torte by Anna Olson. This is beautiful torte of … Continue reading Crepe Torte



I have been away from my blog for long; long enough that I couldn't remember what the new post page looks like :$. But hey, I am back with a bang (read dessert). I find it hard to make Italian recipes because of their use of various kinds of cheese.Most of them aren't easily available … Continue reading Tiramisu

Pan seared peaches

Peaches are sweet and tangy, and those who know me, also know that I usually don't understand or like tangy fruit.So unless a peach is rip and sweet, I prefer not to eat it. Peaches need to be cooked or served with something sweet that over powers the tang, some might find this wasting the … Continue reading Pan seared peaches

Date Pudding

Hello blog, and hey my blog readers. It has been a long time since I came up with something to post. Now that I am on vacations, I plan to be a bit regular. I tried something new today, a date pudding. Dates are healthy and nutritious and putting them into a dessert makes the … Continue reading Date Pudding

Apple Pie

Apples are in season. Maybe apples are always in season. I am actually bad at keeping track of what comes in which season. For someone who loves to bake, that's actually a shame. My workaround? I ask my mom what will be available in the market before planning to experiment anything. I just might be … Continue reading Apple Pie

Fruit yogurt

Fruit is healthy. So is yogurt. Combined together this dish should be healthy squared, right? I like to think so. Originally fruit yogurt is made with heavy cream. To make it healthy, I used milk. It turned out slightly runny, unlike the solid texture of the cream version. On the good side, it isn't as … Continue reading Fruit yogurt

Mango Sorbet

Summer is at peak. Along with heat and lots of humidity in Pak land, mangoes are in season. As a nation, I think we could live on mangoes forever, but this phenomenon is changing with time and generation. With a health and taste conscious generation mangoes need to be hidden in something healthy, light and … Continue reading Mango Sorbet

Banana Icecream

Icecream is a food from heaven in this sweltering hot weather. So here is banana icecream. I know what your are thinking. Icecreams are hard to make. They use lots of cream so are very high calorie. And who can make an icecream without an icecream maker. Right?I say you need only one ingredient for … Continue reading Banana Icecream

Basbosa – Egyptian Semolina Pudding

Arabian cuisine is very exotic. Be it anything, everything is fulfilling and tasty. When it comes to desserts, arabian desserts are very rich. Basbosa is a baked dessert, made with semolina, instead of the traditional flour. The sugar content is usually very high in arabian desserts. SO is the case with basbosa. WIth a part … Continue reading Basbosa – Egyptian Semolina Pudding