Lamb Sausage Katmer with Labneh

I have recently fallen in love with a new cookbook Soframiz: Vibrant Middle Eastern Recipes from Sofra Bakery and Cafe. It is all about Middle Eastern food, and I am a huge fan. If I had to pick one cuisine, I would pick Middle Eastern cuisine any day. It is light, it isn't too spicy and … Continue reading Lamb Sausage Katmer with Labneh



Isn't Thukpa a cute name? The first time I read the name, I wanted to try it just for the sake of making such an exotic sounding dish. Thukpa comes from Tibet and is a soup. Even though winters are now officially over in this part of the world, still soups are a good companion … Continue reading Thukpa

Chicken Croquettes

Ramadan Kareem to everyone who is fortunate to gain the blessings of the sacred month. There is special focus on ibadah and prayers. With all the spirituality going around, some part of us is also working on what to have for iftar. I would not recommend spending the whole day in the kitchen to prepare … Continue reading Chicken Croquettes

Dhokla – A gujrati dish

Baker's Canvas is back after a long break (with another vow to be more regular) and wishes her readers a Happy Ramazan. The month of Ramazan is here and a whole new set of cookery begins in this month, the preparation of Sehri and Iftar. So what is one dish that you can't do without … Continue reading Dhokla – A gujrati dish