I have been away from my blog for long; long enough that I couldn't remember what the new post page looks like :$. But hey, I am back with a bang (read dessert). I find it hard to make Italian recipes because of their use of various kinds of cheese.Most of them aren't easily available … Continue reading Tiramisu


French Chocolate Macarons

Macarons are pretty, haina? I have always wanted to make macarons. I tried some yesterday. Macarons look so delicate and elegant that I thought it would be very hard to make them.Macarons are very technical. Making macarons involves whipping up egg whites to the right stiffness, removing any clumps from the dry ingredients, then folding … Continue reading French Chocolate Macarons

Chocolate Biscotti

Hello world! (That comes from the first lines of code I ever wrote doing BSCS). I have been AWOL for long. Business school was hectic (or so I pretend it to be), I wasn't cooking at times when taking pictures would be feasible, mostly I wasn't cooking or baking at all. Now that business school … Continue reading Chocolate Biscotti

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Aah, finally I gathered the courage to try my favorite cookies, the chocolate chip one. If you remember from a few posts back, my cookies did not turn as good as I wanted them to. Sometimes they were crumbly and sometimes they were too soft. And a couple of times they got too brown, which … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Cookies


Who doesn't love this fried treat, coated in an exquisite glaze with a cup of coffee? There are two kinds of donuts, cake donuts and yeast donuts. Cake donuts are raised with baking powder and are a little stiff like a cake, while yeast donuts are raised with yeast and are very soft.I have selected … Continue reading Donuts


Another chocolaty experiment, brigadeiros turned out to be tasty with a funny name. Brigadeiros is a brazillian candy named after some Brazilian brigadier, for God knows what reason. I, for one, won't give it much thought in front of these exotic candies.These candies are really easy to make, easy to store (if you get the … Continue reading Brigadeiros

Scrumptious Chocolate Cake

Hello world! (I had to do that being a CS major 🙂 ). Embarking on to the wonderful journey of maintaining a food blog, I wanted it to be something I love. What could be a better option than "Chocolate" Mmmm.This chocolate cake recipe has been adapted from "Cakes and Pastries" by California Culinary Academy. … Continue reading Scrumptious Chocolate Cake