Pan seared peaches

Peaches are sweet and tangy, and those who know me, also know that I usually don't understand or like tangy fruit.So unless a peach is rip and sweet, I prefer not to eat it. Peaches need to be cooked or served with something sweet that over powers the tang, some might find this wasting the … Continue reading Pan seared peaches


Rolled French Toast

First of all, I have made slight changes to how I edit my pictures. I have started adding the name and I kind of like the professional feel it adds to the image. I hope readers like it too.French toasts have been an integral part of my life. Mom used to make these for us … Continue reading Rolled French Toast

Chicken Croquettes

Ramadan Kareem to everyone who is fortunate to gain the blessings of the sacred month. There is special focus on ibadah and prayers. With all the spirituality going around, some part of us is also working on what to have for iftar. I would not recommend spending the whole day in the kitchen to prepare … Continue reading Chicken Croquettes