Cucumber with yogurt

And here is the last part of the roast beef lunch. This is typically the dahi ka raita we are so used to having with our biryanis and pulaos. The only difference is that I removed some water from the yogurt and made the raita a bit thick, thus naming it yogurt cucumber sauce.For some of … Continue reading Cucumber with yogurt


Fruit yogurt

Fruit is healthy. So is yogurt. Combined together this dish should be healthy squared, right? I like to think so. Originally fruit yogurt is made with heavy cream. To make it healthy, I used milk. It turned out slightly runny, unlike the solid texture of the cream version. On the good side, it isn't as … Continue reading Fruit yogurt

Okra in Yogurt

Summer vacations are here. And I now have the time to do more experiments in my kitchen. I already have done many, but due to a little picture editing stuff, I haven't been able to post them as of yet. My first vacation experiment was with okra.Okra or lady finger are very much in season … Continue reading Okra in Yogurt